• Private work space/Bench ( bench must be provided by member) space will be limited to standard jewelers bench size and immediate surrounding areas (2 foot buffer zone).

  • Secured storage space for tools, and supplies.

  • Full Access during open hours.

  • 20% discounts on workshops

  • Cost plus Casting Service

  • Consultative support ( marketing, pricing, social media, manufacturing, design… )

  • Bulk Purchasing power ( for supplies, tools and materials )

  • Invitations to member collaborative sessions

Access to market price services

  • Mold making

  • CAD Services

  • Finishing

  • Stone setting

  • Solder repair and assembly

Additional Benefits

  • Use of studio work bench /flex shafts/ tools / wax injection/ wax pens. 

  • Invitations to participate in pop up events

  • Free monthly educational events

  • On premise assistance on design and technique always available

  • Bulk purchasing power ( for tools, supplies and materials)

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