You get the best materials at the best price. From raw materials to findings our sources are yours once you come on board. 


Consultations for every facet

We are all creative in one way or another. If you have an idea of a design (for commercial or personal use), we can help you bring it to life. From the latest CAD CAM technology to hand carving, we can do it! There are many aspects of the process that are easy to learn. You can have a hand in creating your special design if you wish. We are here to guide you.

And, of course, we can take your idea and create it from start to finish, allowing you to watch it along the way to make sure your idea stays yours.

At JB Friedman Designs we specialize in manufacturing and design consultation.

Whether you are looking for commercial, private label, or just want a special design, we are experts at getting it done - saving you money, helping you achieve your goals.   

With over 25 years in the jewelry manufacturing industry, we have relationships with suppliers and manufacturers around the world. This means, from concept to drawing, drawing to design, and design to production, we provide you with the best possible options at competitive prices. 

Our objective is to share with you our knowledge, enabling you to learn the business and take control of your own jewelry destiny.  Once you decide that you are ready, we will step aside and give the helm; while never more than an email or  phone call away for continued support. Your success is our goal!


Our Services:

Design Consultation:  The foundation of any successful design or collection of designs is making sure that it will work. In design, there are many technical variables that affect the structural integrity of the final piece.  Our experience and expertise help minimize design issues up front. 

Material Sourcing: Get the best materials at the best price — from raw materials to findings.

Cost Analysis:  We provide you detailed spreadsheets to show costs at every step of the way, including materials, prototyping, casting, setting, and finishing.  

Production Analysis: We make sure that the correct and most efficient production processes are used in order to assure you the best quality and the most competitive price. 

Manufacturing Selection, Direction and Supervision: From start to finish we work with you to help you navigate through each step, including decisions and negotiations. 

Start to Finish... 

Each step of the way, we ensure you receive the quality you expect. No concept or design is out of question. 

Personal or commercial, no project is too large or small...