E Komo Mai!

Welcome to the El Dorado - A Honolulu Casting Lab blog.  On a (fairly) regular basis, we’ll be giving readers access to resources designed to build knowledge and interest in lost wax casting as well as other techniques we’ll be highlighting in the months to come.

We’ll be posting images, videos and information --- to spark the creative conversation as much as to offer educational support.  We’re dealing in processes often thousands of years old; keeping them vibrant through new approaches is a hallmark of innovative jewelry design.

Case in point?  Just watch this short video on the inspiration for our incubator’s name,  the Golden Raft of El Dorado This priceless Pre-Columbian artifact is considered one of the oldest and most intricate precious metal objects created in a single casting using the lost wax process.  A process that, as you’ll see, is essentially unchanged since the Bronze Age.



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The El Dorado Team