Our Founder Members


James Friedman

James Friedman’s career in the jewelry industry is built on a strong foundation of practical and applied experience. With over 35 years of hands on skill development. As the owner of JB Friedman Designs, Latitude Designs and an instructor at the Honolulu Museum Metals Lab James has seen first hand the struggles of the local jewelry design community. El Dorado has been a long time goal of his that will bridge the gap for the industry here in Hawaii. James has set up and managed small, medium and large scale jewelry production facilities. By building relationships through providing support and connecting businesses with people James has developed a jewelry industry network that spans the globe.


Pamela McCleave

Pamela McCleave is a glass artist, enamelist and jeweler. Based for many years in the San Francisco Bay area, she returned home to Hawai’i in 2015. Much of her work is now based on the colors and forms found in local flora and marine life, bringing together the techniques of lost wax casting and plique-à-jour enameling. Pamela currently leads PMC (Precious Metal Clay) classes at El Dorado.

Resident Members


Camille Carnevale

Camille Carnevale is a jewelry designer, modern mystic, and mentor living in Hawai’i.

Born and raised in New York State, Camille has forged a unique esoteric offering by using the Tarot as her inspiration for her jewelry business. Each piece is made with an exceptional amount of positive healing energy and therefore carries a great deal of energy.

“Creating treasured objects is my highest purpose and in following my passion I offer to heal to those who revel in it. My adventures have taken me around the world and inspired a never-ending abundance of creativity. The Tarot is a tool I use in my own life and I am now offering my art in a totally unique way for those who choose to grasp its power.”

Camille lives on the North Shore of O’ahu and creates fine jewelry at El Dorado Studio in Downtown Honolulu.